The original No Excuses Campaign was launched in 1998. Since that time hundreds of thousands of people have studied the practices of the first No Excuses Schools to improve the quality of their teaching and create school cultures of lasting impact. Today, dozens of innovative school systems have emerged that proudly call themselves No Excuses Schools—rooted in the principles of these leading examples.

Carter Research is the name of the services company through which my team and I advance the current state of the education industry by studying best practice wherever it is found and helping others to innovate at scale.

Over the last six years we have worked alongside many of most successful for-profit education companies, non-profits, foundations, school districts, state governments, agencies, associations, and consultancies in the education sector.

Recent and current projects include:

  • Implementation support for school districts new to blended learning
  • International market entry and business development support for new charter schools
  • School self-review, instructional leadership, and best practice installation
  • School redesign, process improvement, and model replication support
  • Grassroots mobilization and public advocacy to effect regulatory change
  • Board policy development, board retreats, and leadership education
  • Financial and instructional accountability performance management 

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